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Contact Sales and Support: (678) 871-9647
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FSLogix Webinar 2018: How FSLogix helps cure some of your IT headaches

You will hear about how FSLogix can help you:

  • Dramatically improve the performance of Office 365 in VDI/RDSH/XenApp fact if you are planning to implement Office 365, don't until you hear what Jim has to say.
  • Simplify application management by consolidating your number of gold images.
  • Reduce your license costs, particularly if you have Microsoft Project and Visio.
  • Enable functionality such as outlook search and Skype for Business Global Address List.
    You will hear all of this from Cloud & Virtualisation Consultant - CCE-V, Ashley Barlow and Jim Moyle, Technical Evanagelist, CTP from FSLogix.

Randy Cook at DynaQuest 2017

FSLogix's CTO Randy Cook was a guest speaker at DynaQuest Technologies annual event. There's no better way to get learn about FSLogix's products than to go straight to the source.

Cool things FSLogix can do

54 minutes, 11 slides. You know what that means–DEMOS! In this webinar, FSLogix's Benny Tritsch and Jim Moyle take you on a tour of FSLogix's App Masking, Java Control, Profile Container, and Office 365 Container products. You'll see how they work, and dive into some advanced capabilities, including:

  • Concurrent profile access
  • ACLs for VHD
  • Multiple VHD locations
  • Per user/group VHD locations
  • Outlook fails to online mode if there is a VHD issue

Cloud Cache Launch Webinar

FSLogix™ Cloud Cache technology keeps your applications running and your user data available regardless of where your data or desktops reside. Using our patent-pending technology, a desktop (virtual or physical) running Cloud Cache maintains multiple connections to storage resources that can be on-premises or in the cloud, in any number or combination. No complicated storage back end is required when used on-premises. Because the data does not reside locally (except for what's in the cache) there is no performance hit on VDI resources. When used with cloud-based storage, Cloud Cache communicates natively without the need for an SMB gateway. Cloud storage can be expensive, so Cloud Cache uses intelligent local caching to cache reads and optimize writes, which can save you significant money on activity charges and bandwidth. Cloud Cache also enables DaaS by allowing you to maintain the same user data on-premises and in the cloud, so that when you're ready to move your desktops, the data is waiting. With Cloud Cache, users will always have the most responsive possible experience, and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you have a highly available, fault-tolerant, globally redundant user data solution.

Cool things you didn't know you can do with FSLogix

Beers and Technology - is there anything better? In November of 2017 at E2EVC Barcelona, Dr. Benny Tritsch and Jim Moyle presented their session "Cool things you didn't know you can do with FSLogix." 

In this session, Benny and Jim review the features of the full FSLogix suite to discuss the use cases for App Masking, Java Version Control, Profile Containers, and Office 365 Containers. The primary focus of the discussion was to point out the specific gaps that these solutions fill in today's digital workspace.