Can your Application Virtualization do this?
  • Multiple Java version support
  • Automatic redirection for end-users
  • No packaging or sequencing ever
  • Virtualized and non-virtualized apps
  • Internet Explorer 8 and later
  • Java support starting at 1.4.2
  • Physical, VDI, and RDSH

If you're not seeing a Java version displayed in the box below, you're not using FSLogix Java redirection!

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Java redirection is a core feature included in the award winning latest version of FSLogix Apps that allows administrators to support multiple versions of Java for their enterprise apps and applets.

IT can now easily maintain compatibility with apps that are too costly and time consuming to upgrade, or are controlled by third party organizations.  End users automatically use the correct version for each app without compromising enterprise security by using the latest deployed version of Java for all other applications and browsing.

FSLogix Apps requires no repackaging or sequencing, applications install and run natively, as designed by their developers.

For more information, follow the Learn More link to read the FSLogix Apps 2.0 Java Redirection FAQ.

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